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re: Re: [at-l] power of attorney?

Probably the simplest answer is a written document that authorizes someone to 
act as your agent. 

To simplify, there are two types of powers of attorney: general and limited. 
The general type would allow someone to do anything you would do yourself; 
write checks against your bank account, sell your house, put you into debt, 
etc. Anything. The limited type is focused. For instance, it would allow 
someone to write checks against a specific account in your name to pay 
certain kinds of bills.

A power of attorney for a thru-hiker would allow a friend or parent to manage 
your affairs while you're on the trail; receive monies, pay bills, etc. A 
very practical solution. However, someone executing a general power of 
attorney, must keep in mind that the holder of the power of attorney can do 
virtually anything in your name. You could find that when you return, your  
financial well-being has been destroyed.

Having said that, let me say that since I am unmarried and have no living 
relatives, I always do a general power of attorney when I am going to be away 
for a long period of time so my close friend (and heir) can take care of my 
house, my cat, etc.

Regards, Fred aka "Springfever"    
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