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[at-l] "Viewshed"??

Wow, I can't believe the ATC (an organization which I have not yet joined,
I must add) could be so heavy handed with landowners.  I guess I should
say I am dismayed to now have to believe it.  I just don't see what the
point is in "pufirying" if you will, everything the eye can see from 
the trail.  I haven't done a thru hike, but try to get in 80-100 miles
or so at every year.  I like seeing a little variety, including the
various farms, old pieces of rusting equipment in the fields, peoples
back yards, fence styles, etc,etc.  In my opinion, this kind of thing
is rediculous.  We all know that civilization is out there, and there
is plenty of wilderness, many places where you can feel like you are
far far from anything.  The roads are still our there.  We cross them
every day.

Forgive all my typos.  I type too fast when I'm pissed.  As for the 
ATC --- If we believe in "hike your own hike",  How about "Live your
own life, on your own land".  And if landowners don't want people
hiking over their land, that is their right, too.  I can certainly
understand the landowners position.  Who the hell do we think we are,
anyway?  We want to walk through here and we don't want to see your
house while we do it.  Why?  So we can preserve our little fantasy of
not being a part of civilization (which we will only want to see when
we need a town stop, mail drop or resupply)...Now where did I pack my
cell phone......

Sorry folks, I know that's not who the people on this list are, but
that's who the ATC makes us out to be when they "negotiate" like that.
Do ATC members have any pull on this kind of stuff?  If you think so,
Jim, I will get my check in the mail.  But I don't think I want to send
any money to an organization that operates like that.  No wonder some
locals are seen as "hostile" to hikers.

Off the soapbox now.  Thank you for your indulgence.  If I am way off
here, please enlighten me (i.e. flames graciously accepted).

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