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Re: [at-l] Losing land to AT

I am not defending this, but under eminent domain(or condemnation),
the man has to receive fair market value as determined by the market
value of his land.  The man's land was not just swipped from him.


>There was an article in today's Baltimore Sun about the AT in Maryland.
>It was mostly about how landowners are losing land to the AT because the
>government will take their land away under eminent domain laws. In one
>case, this man in Hagerstown has land with a cabin on it that comes
>within 120 feet of the trail. The government is supposed to buy land
>within 500 feet. They took all 17 acres of his land. :P
>The guy said he didn't mind the hikers - he even got some of them to
>sign a petition, but I guess he's pretty peved at the gov't.=20

Courtney Smith

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