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[at-l] Re: Last minute jitters

>I've been amused at the spate of activity among '97 thru-hikers in the =
>week or so. So many questions about things for which there are no =
>answers right now (How will I feel at the end of my hike?), and so much
>doting on equipment details that will have very little importance as the
>thru-hike progresses. This is typical of thru-hikers on the verge of
>departure. I did the same thing before my first hike in 1985. The cure =
>these last-minute jitters is a simple one, of course. Start the hike.=20
[stuff deleted]

Well said, Dan.  For those leaving in a few weeks, there are so many
doubts going though your mind, and the double checking of gear, etc,
going on, it's a wonder you can get any sleep at all!  I well remember
how extremely tense I was as we drove up from Atlanta, and entered
Amicalola State Park.  After my friends left, there I was, standing at
the sign that said "AT Access" at the top of the falls.  As I hiked
the access trail, my nervousness got worse and worse.  And then, there
I was, seeing the plaque, and the first blaze.   And I just completely
relaxed, because I'd taken the first step, and what was going to
happen would happen, and there wasn't a whole lot one could do about
it.  And the next day, and every day thereafter, began one of the best
experiences I've had in my life to date.  Yes, nervousness is to be
expected right now, but I think that after a few days of hiking on the
Trail,  the real joy of being there will ease your fears
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