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[at-l] Eminent Domain

I recently dealt with the government about some land for the U.S. 35 extension
in Dayton.  The government must have the land appraised and then they are
forced by law to negotiate in good faith.  Then they may file eminent domain. 
At this point it is their land.  The only thing you can argue in court about is
the price.  The Biggest problem is the appraisal.  If you want to be the
government's appraisor you better low ball the value.  We were offered $1600 an
acre for our land.  I wouldn't mind selling for a fair price, but they have to
try and rip you off.  It would save everybody a lot of time and trouble if the
gov would offer a fair price up front.  The property is less than a mile from
land the county engineer bought from the county prosecutor for about $10,000 an
I agree that protecting the trail is good idea.  And I recognize that some land
must be taken to accomplish this.  But the takers only help themselves by
dealing with integrity.    

"Some of them are obnoxious and only looking to make a quick buck at expense 
of the government".  And some of them are just looking for a fair price.

Macho John
I am not afraid of my wife 
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