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Re: [at-l] Personal Hygiene on the Trail

Ah, the questions arising in this list...!  

Yes!  You can take a sponge bath!  I did it by collecting extra water from the
spring and wandering off some distance in the woods from the shelter area. 
Preferably back in the direction from whence you came into the shelter so that
you have a better feel for when you are out of site of the Trail and Shelter.

There I would find a rock large enough to stand on so that my feet were
reasonably clean when I finished.  On that rock, I would take my bath.  You can
take a reasonable 'spit' or 'sponge' bath with as little as 1.5 to 2 liters of
water.  I have made do with less than a liter.

With a gallon or less, you can take a 'git necked' (redneck for nude)
all-over-bath, including washing your hair if it is reasonably short.  Try it 
at home, just for kicks.  You would be amazed at how little water you can get
by with and how much better it will make you feel when done on the Trail.

I prefer a triple-milled soap as it lasts much longer than some of those bath
bars like Dove which is very soft.  

Oliver Twist  2000-miler
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