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[at-l] tube tents

Re using a tube tent on the AT - DONT!

I carried one in '88, used it 3 times,
and it had holes in the bottom after
the second time.  When it poured rain
the third time I used it, I went
swimming.  After that it was totally
useless so I threw it away. Tube tents
are simply too flimsy for prolonged
use.  There is also the problem that
you need two trees the right distance
apart in order to set it up.  This
precludes grassy balds and scenic
overlooks as campsites.  Then there's
the fact that they don't help with the
bugs.  If you are carrying ground
cloth, mosquito netting and a tube tent
or tarp, often the weight ends up the
same or more than a light tent like the
Clip flashlight.

If you want to make a tent or backpack,
you might try contacting Ray Jardine. I
know he built his own.

Ginny Owen
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