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Re: [at-l] Re: Losing land to AT

On Wed, 29 Jan 1997, Diana ^(raven)^ wrote:

> case, this man in Hagerstown has land with a cabin on it that comes
> within 120 feet of the trail. The government is supposed to buy land
> within 500 feet. They took all 17 acres of his land. :P
> The guy said he didn't mind the hikers - he even got some of them to
> sign a petition, but I guess he's pretty peved at the gov't.
On 29 Jan 1997 dan@watson.ibm.com wrote:

> "Took" is not quite the right word.  NPS tries valiently to purchase
> land that it needs for the AT corridor.  The land is always appraised
> to determine fair market value.  However it does not take into account
> sentimental value to someone who has owned it for a long time.  If the

Just because the government is supposed to buy the land, are they
absolutely required to buy it? Did they try to make a reasonable
compromise?  Either to acquire some sort of scenic easement in which the
owner would not be allowed to do any further construction on the property
closer than 500 feet and/or some sort of life estate for the owner in the
portion of the property in the 500 foot sector, with the property then to
be turned over to the government.  


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