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RE: [at-l] life after AT

On 29-Jan-97 Jim Owen wrote:
>Something like this came up in a converstaion last week - and then
>while I was digging in the files a couple days ago, I found the series
>of posts that I put on the list last year about thruhiking, changes,
>reality, attitude, etc.
>Question - I know some of you saw them and liked them - and some
>probably hated them, but is there any interest in having them posted
>to the list again?   Before I lose them again.
>Walk softly,

Go for it Jim!  I still have a copy of your posts in my 'at-keepers' folder. 
I'm sure others will enjoy reading them as much as I have.

Best regards,
David DeCroix                                        finger for PGP public key
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