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[at-l] Bug nets (hats)

I always seem to end up on the trail during peak black fly season.
They seem to check my schedule before coming out, I think.  Anyway, I
wouldn't dream of hiking without my head net.  The first one I got
(el cheapo) had too big a mesh.  Thus the black flies got in, but could'nt
seem to get OUT.  THerefore I almost knocked myself out a few times 
trying to swat black flies that were flying around inside my head net!
(I'll try to find out the manufacturer to get this hot item in the
Bamaman Catalog).  The one I got last year was about $5, is practically
weightless, has a much tighter mesh and does indeed keep the little
buggers out.  It takes a little getting used to, and other hikers think
you look funny, but it's just nice not to be swatting at your head all
day long.  Not for the claustrophobic. 

Of course it doesn't do much for the ones that are sucking the life
out of your arms, legs and any other uncovered flesh you might have....

Have fun out there.....
No black flies at 20 degrees.

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