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Re: [at-l] RE: sundogs

At 07:14 PM 1/28/97 PST, kahlena wrote:
>> >Along the same lines (easy access to stuff), I am very fond of a little
>> >"SunDog" pocket that attaches to the shoulder strap of my pack.  
>Do you have any lopsided feeling, wearing just one?  I've looked at 
>these with interest as well. I read somewhere that it helps to move as 
>much weight as possible around to the front.  But I wondered if they 
>attached securely. and if you would need two to be balanced?   Kahley

No problem wearing just one.  The operative word is "little"... with
everything in it (including the camera) it weighs less than one pound.  If
you want to move WEIGHT to the front, this is not the way to go!

Mine attaches quite securely.  There are two velcro straps... I attach it
so that the top strap is just above a buckle on my left shoulder strap.  On
a smooth strap, I think it would slip.

I'd also caution against getting a shoulder pocket that is "too big".  My
first shot at this was a Camp Trails "Super Pouch".  It is about an inch
wider than the SunDog pocket, and felt bulky and obtrusive to me.  The
SunDog pocket is just enough smaller that I don't notice it.

By the way, in addition to the "dry rib", "wet rib", and "aqua rib", Dana
makes something called a "roo pouch".  This hangs off of both straps, and
is quite large.

The fellow who makes the "Natural Balance" packs also makes something he
calls a "backsaver" that hangs off the front of the pack and is supported
by the hip belt.  It requires a minor modification to the belt.

I haven't used either the "roo pouch" or the "backsaver".  I do have a "wet
rib", but I think of it in an "easy access" sense, not as a way of
transferring weight.  With a quart of water, the most I put in it was
probably around four pounds.

-- Jim Mayer

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