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[at-l] another AT poem

Lyn -
I've gotta give credit where it's due - that came from Ginny.  She had to
go back to her 88 journal to find it.  I like it too.

>Jim -
>Thanks much for the poem.  It had been a bummer of a day, but reading
>Storyteller's poem just erased all of it.

>You may be a troubadour, seraching for a rhymme
>You may be a speed hiker trying to make some time
>Maybe you're a wanderer, someone who likes to roam
>or maybe you're a pilgrim who makes the woods their home
>So many ways to walk the days and I like every one
>May you find the peace within yourself when the walkings's done
>May you wake up in the morning with a blue sky and a sun
>May you hoist your pack upon your back and walk until the day is done
>May your soul unfold before you like the trail beneath your feet
>and may you share the thread of happiness with everyone you meet
>May you dance across the mountaintops, roll down like a crystal stream
>May you always find the white blaze
>May you always reach your dreams
>May your heart be warmed by memories and find shelter from the pain
>May you grow beneath the sunshine and blossom with the rain
>and one more:
>Mountains walk and mountains are moving.  Those who do not understand this,
>do not understand the nature of their own walking.
>       Dogen (Mountains and Rivers Sutra)

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