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Re: [at-l] Blackflies in Maine

Jason Johnson wrote:

> I was writing to see if anyone has a feel for the blackflies/mosquitos in
> Maine.  Specifically, I was wondering how early can one go out and be
> able to stand the bugs.

Depending on the terrain and the weather, the blackflies start
coming out in early May and are at their most numerous for about
six to eight weeks. There are really only a couple of weeks between
the end of the snow and the beginning of the blackflies. Even then,
snow can still be somewhat of a hassle in the mountains.

>                          I hiked a big portion of the AT southbound in
> 1993 and started in Maine in mid-August.  The bugs weren't bad at all
> then.  I was just wondering if it might be possible to start any
> earlier.  Obviously, "bad" is a relative term but any information would
> be helpful.  Thanks,

You could get away with starting a month earlier.

The daytime bugs aren't that much of a problem in the summer. It's
the ones that come out as dusk that are annoying to me; a powerful
argument for a smokey camp fire and a couple of dog rockets.

mfuller@somtel.com, Northern Franklin County, Maine
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