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RE: [at-l] Packs/More Money/Random stuff

>As much as I thought and hoped I could use the internal frame that I
>already own for my thru hike, I can't. Over the weekend I packed her up
>with virtually all the gear I plan to take. Then I said, "Oh #$(&@!" =
>was no room for food! So, I unpacked and re-packed, a little better, =
now I
>have enough room (barely), but with the pack this full it's not as =
>or comfortable, putting too much weight on my shoulders. Now I realize
>I'll just bite the bullet and shell out cash for another pack (damn how
>many times have I come to realize that my exisiting gear, although =
>stuff and great for what I bought it for, is not adequate for a =


Before you go out a shell out $150+ for a new pack, reevaluate what you =
are carrying.  There
are people who have successfully hiked the trail with packs no bigger =
than an oversize day pack.
Go through each piece of equipment and ask yourself when, how and how =
often you plan on using it.  Unless it for medical purposes, ditch it if =
you can only imagine using it once every week or so.

If your planning on carrying a full size 20 deg. sleeping bag.  Consider =
a smaller lighter 40 deg. summer bag. Maine can get real hot in June.  =
The smaller bag has less space and weight.  Very important for your =
muscles when just starting out.  Our summer bags have 1.5 inches of =
insulation on the top and none on the bottom. There is a sleeve on the =
bottom of the bag to put your pad so you don't slip off. We've slept in =
them in the low 30's.  Chilly but doable.  At 1.5 pounds they are =
certainly lighter that our full bags.

Small packs can be your friend by making you evaluate need vs. want.  =
Large packs act like a vacuum.  Once you open them, they'll get filled.

Remember "Weight Is Everything"

Ron Moak

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