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[at-l] Packs/More Money/Random stuff

Hey All,

As much as I thought and hoped I could use the internal frame that I
already own for my thru hike, I can't. Over the weekend I packed her up
with virtually all the gear I plan to take. Then I said, "Oh #$(&@!" there
was no room for food! So, I unpacked and re-packed, a little better, now I
have enough room (barely), but with the pack this full it's not as stable
or comfortable, putting too much weight on my shoulders. Now I realize
I'll just bite the bullet and shell out cash for another pack (damn how
many times have I come to realize that my exisiting gear, although quality
stuff and great for what I bought it for, is not adequate for a thru-hike.

I know we've been over this on the list again and again, so if you have
any replies to the questions I'm going to ask feel free to e-me directly
to save traffic on the list.

1. What is the approx. ratio of thru-hikers using external vs internal?
2. What are the two major benefits and problems with each? (specifically
for thru-hiking)
3. I'm fairly small, 5'8" 140  30in waist, any recommendations? 

I'm a little partial to internal frames because I don't like having to
strap/tie stuff to the frame and deal with keeping it in bags/etc that
catch on twigs. But if the comfortable load carrying level of an external
is higher i may well go with it.

Yeah, I know it's getting mighty late in the planning stages to be making
major gear changes (not really, I've got another 4 1/2 months until I

Thanks folks,

Will Strickland -ANTELOPE- ME->GA '97
"May the four winds blow you safely home..."
  -- Grateful Dead--
Internet: gt0556d@prism.gatech.edu

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