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[at-l] Water bladders (was: Dana Wet Rib)

As long as we are talking about easy access to water, what have peoples'
experiences with hydration bladders been?  I noticed that Campmoor sells a
"Platypus Hoser" bladder, that looks very interesting IFF it is durable
enough.  The "Hoser" is a bladder with an attached water tube... you stick
it in (or under?) the top pocket of your pack, and drink through the tube.
The 2 liter bottle weighs <<<< 1oz >>>> and costs $13.  The 1 liter bottle
weighs 0.6oz, and costs a few dollars less.  Even funkier, supposedly you
can attach the hose directly to your water filter!

The combination of a bladder and a "real" water bottle sounds very
interesting to me.  Has anyone tried this?

Also, on the previous thread: I have a Dana Wet Rib... it is very
convenient on the trail.  My only gripe is that I sometimes get tangled up
in the extra straps when donning or removing the pack.

Along the same lines (easy access to stuff), I am very fond of a little
"SunDog" pocket that attaches to the shoulder strap of my pack.  There is
just enough room in there for my (small) camera, notepad, trail guide, map,
and pencil.  It isn't particularly padded, but I put the camera in the back
with the other stuff in front as a buffer.  If it looks like rain, I stick
anything that doesn't want to get wet in a ziploc bag.

-- Jim

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