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[at-l] another AT poem

Yesterdays postings inspired me to look through my journal from my thru-hike
to find a poem that I had copied out of a register.  It was written by
Storyteller in Laurel Fork Shelter in April of 1988.

You may be a troubadour, seraching for a rhymme
You may be a speed hiker trying to make some time
Maybe you're a wanderer, someone who likes to roam
or maybe you're a pilgrim who makes the woods their home
So many ways to walk the days and I like every one
May you find the peace within yourself when the walkings's done
May you wake up in the morning with a blue sky and a sun
May you hoist your pack upon your back and walk until the day is done
May your soul unfold before you like the trail beneath your feet
and may you share the thread of happiness with everyone you meet
May you dance across the mountaintops, roll down like a crystal stream
May you always find the white blaze
May you always reach your dreams
May your heart be warmed by memories and find shelter from the pain
May you grow beneath the sunshine and blossom with the rain

and one more:

Mountains walk and mountains are moving.  Those who do not understand this,
do not understand the nature of their own walking. 
	Dogen (Mountains and Rivers Sutra)
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