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Re: [at-l] Tent Weights

On 27-Jan-97 Jim Mayer wrote:

>At 09:17 AM 1/27/97 PST, Steve Dopp wrote:
>>I weighed a couple of more tents this weekend with my postal scale.  Here
>>are the results.
>>Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight (2-person model) 4 lb, 4 oz.
>>Kelty Windfoil Ultralight  5 lb, 14 oz.
>>I was really surprised by how heavy the Windfoil Ultralight is.  It is
>>advertised in Campmore as weighing much less than this!
>>These weights include tent, fly, poles, pegs, and carrying bag.
>My Windfoil Ultralight weighs just over 5 lbs on my kitchen scale.  That
>weight includes tent, fly, poles, cord, pegs, the two stuff sacks I use
>instead of Kelty's bag, and the loops of shock cord I tied to the fly :-)
>I don't have the latest model, but 5 lb, 14 oz seems high to me.


I just weighed my Ultralight at the post office:  5lb 4.5oz for the tent
(seam sealed), stakes, fly, poles, kelty's duffle bag, and probably a
little dirt.  (It's been pretty muddy 'round here lately!)

Most of my stakes are bent so I'll need to replace them.  My wife and
I use this tent and it's great for two people, weighing 2lb 10-1/4 oz
per person for shelter.  Plus I'm 6'4", and definitely can't fit in the
SD Clip Flashlight, even the 3-person one. So the Kelty is the best tent
I've found for us.  Except for the Stephenson's tents, but that's a little
too pricey for us right now.  Maybe when we 'grow up and get real jobs'.
(Thus speaks the gear weenie ;)

Best regards,
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