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Re: [at-l] Tent Weights

At 09:17 AM 1/27/97 PST, Steve Dopp wrote:
>I weighed a couple of more tents this weekend with my postal scale.  Here
>are the results.
>Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight (2-person model) 4 lb, 4 oz.
>Kelty Windfoil Ultralight  5 lb, 14 oz.
>I was really surprised by how heavy the Windfoil Ultralight is.  It is
>advertised in Campmore as weighing much less than this!
>These weights include tent, fly, poles, pegs, and carrying bag.


My Windfoil Ultralight weighs just over 5 lbs on my kitchen scale.  That
weight includes tent, fly, poles, cord, pegs, the two stuff sacks I use
instead of Kelty's bag, and the loops of shock cord I tied to the fly :-)

I don't have the latest model, but 5 lb, 14 oz seems high to me.

All the same, even at 5lbs, the Windfoil Ultralight is heavy for a solo
tent.  The best things about the Windfoil Ultralight are its length (if
you're tall), and its cost (mine was $99 from REI last spring).

-- Jim Mayer

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