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Re: [at-l] newbie greeting

> Nathaniel Young wrote:
> I have heard the $1/mile thing, and was planning to do a '97 thru-hike
> but I definitely am now postponing until '98. I don't really have the
> money to account for $1/mile, let alone the "safety net."

Sorry to hear this... this reminds me of alot of other hikers and myself as
well who planned then something happened which post-poned my trip until
exactly 10 years later. Planned an 87 thru-hike. Now here it is all set
again in 97. I 'm 34 now and wish I was doing this 10 years ago at 24...
think you know what I'm getting at here... I posed that ? to Wingfoot,
since he has done 7 thru's....He stated about 2200.00 was average of his
trip....but he said " Trail Magic " can account for alot also...depending
on how you present yourself... First impressions on the trail is a funny
subject to me..cause I'm glad we all look and smell somewhat the same...
Thus...its on the trail that what comes out of our mouths set the stage as
to who you are....but getting back to the subject..
I said 87 then said 88...I'll be d#$%!ed if I let it slip by again... If I
run out of money..which I don't forsee...but should I...then I know that
the trail has pretty much already taught me how to "work" on my goal "to
Finish!"... but has decided to throw in survival and faith as a secondary
course...I have heard of many who stated that they did the whole thing
under a thousand dollars...asking how..they mostly stated that they came to
do the trail and not do the towns...they came to do the trail and not walk
to the nearest steak house...they came to do the trail... consider the
ratio of starters vs finishers.. the quitters left with a few thousand 
dollars in their pockets.. the ones that kept worrying about money,
money... Yes if these concerns are pressing than I would wait and go with a
much better since of security....
   Heres my little tid bit.... Many have been called to other things with
little if anything of monetary substance... only to realize that operating
on faith for your endeavors
provides greater rewards than money can buy. The trail is not buying
me...its calling me... These are just a few of my thoughts...cause as I see
the months coming upon us closely...I'm also starting to see a number of
folks here who have pulled out...
     Just my thoughts for today... Chow..                  Tumbleweed Ga>Me

Curious:  Have others experienced on the lists here stating, " I wait till
next year " and then had it turn out to be longer before the chance came

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