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[at-l] Sierra water purifier

I have one of those Sierra water purifier kits. I found out 
about it in the book "How to shit in the woods".  I was wondering
if anyone else on the list has a kit and anyone had any comments about
it.  Its basically chlorine crystals and hydrogen peroxide. Its also
called "The Sanitizer".  I've used it on a few week long backpacking
trips without any problems. Its very small and light weight. It consists
of a small bottle of the chlorine crystals, a small bottle of concentrated
hydrogen peroxide and a wierd looking scoop made out of some sort of tubing.
These people that sell "The Sanitizer" were hard to find. I sent them a letter
asking about their product and six months later I got a kit in the mail with
a differen't company address.  If anyone is interested in it , I'll dig
around in that big box of backpacking gear catalogs and maps that I have
in my spare bedroom closet and post an address.

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