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[at-l] Tent Choice at this Point in Time

I appreciate all the comments on lightweight tents as I'm looking for a new
one (as you can probably figure out by my tent weight postings).  My first
preference is for a Stephenson 3RS as I think it is light enough (4 lb, 3
oz) and large enough to hold 2 people plus gear.  However, I'll have to see
one before I buy it, which will require me to drive to New Hampshire (I live
in Florida).  Also, it is an expensive tent ($600!).  So I may not buy a
Stephenson after all.

If I'm willing to give up on storing packs inside the tent, then there are a
number of 2-person tents on the market that can meet our (wife and I) needs.
I haven't looked at the North Face tents yet and I want to look at the
Lunarlite tent as I like a freestanding tent (which would be a big plus).  
From what I've seen so far, I'm leaning towards the Walrus Arch-Rival (4 lb,
9 oz).  It's large enough so that we could, in a pinch, throw two packs
inside it and sleep two people at the same time.  I also like their taping
of seams.  However, my wife doesn't like mesh-walled tents (too cold).  She
prefers solid-wall tents.  Campmor sells a Walrus Arch-Rival solid (which is
specially-made for Campmor).  According to Walrus, the solid version weighs
"a couple of ounces" more, which would make the thing too heavy (in my
opinion).  Has anyone weighed this tent?  You can't believe the weight
listed in the Campmor catalog.

The SD Clip Flashlight is too small (I'm sure the sleeping bags will touch
the walls of the tent) and the 3-person version weighs 4 lb, 12 oz (as much
as my guestimated weight for the Walrus Arch-Rival solid).  However, the
layout of the 3-person SD Flashlight will not allow one to store two packs
and have two persons sleep in it.

If I use a fly, is there a significant difference in the inside temperature
of a solid vs a mesh-walled tent?  Any opinions?

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