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 lifted from Jim Chase's book ...." Benton MacKaye speaking of the Trail in
the last years of his life, said, 'The ultimate purpose? There are three
things: 1) to walk; 2) to see; 3) to see what you see....Some people like to
record how speedily they can travese the lengh of the trail, but I would give
a prize for the ones who took the longest time.' "     and there's the bronze
plaque at Springer  > APPALACHIAN TRAIL   GEORGIA TO MAINE   A Footpath for
Those who seek Fellowship with the Wilderness   THE GEORGIA APPALACHIAN TRAIL
CLUB <  "The plaque so pleased Benton MacKaye so much he wrote to the GATC:
'It is seldom that I've been hit between the eyes with utter and
instantaneous delight as I was on viewing [a picture of] this real work of
art. Here in vigorus embodiment is ( to my mind ) the spirit of the
Appalachian Trail...."A footpath for those who seek fellowship with the
wilderness." This ( to my mind ) is a masterful definition of the Appalachian
Trail....Your words keep coming back to me:' fellowship with the wilderness'
[part of the motto of the GATC]. The last word cannot too often be
repeated---wilderness, Wilderness, WILDERNESS! Not man but nature; man's
relation not to man but to nature. And thereby--incidentally--the man-to-man
relation finds its' place.' "
  didn't mean to go on so long.......TraderJohn
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