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[at-l] tent-a-rama!

Hey all!

Right now I have an REI Nitelite 2-person, non freestanding tunnel tent.
It weighs in the neighborhood of 5# with the poles, footprint and
stakes. I'm looking for possibly finding a 1 person or a small 2-person
tent that will weigh a bit less and take up less room in my pack. The
Nitelite comes in a 1 person version called the Sololite, weighing in
around 4#, but I'm not sold on it. I also might shave off a few ounces
with the Easton Tent Pegs (thanks for putting the idea in my head,

I came across these in the Campmor catalog:

Eureka Zephyr - freestanding - 3 or 4 season - sleeps 1 - 3x8' floor
size - center height 2'11", weight 3# 11 oz - no mention of vestibule
(shown without rainfly on) - cost $129.99

Eureka Clip Rising Sun - sleeps 2, interior is 25 square feet - 3 season
- vestibule area has 5.5 sq ft - freestanding - center height 3'3" -
weight 4# - cost $169.99

Eureka Gossamer (listed as a bivy - looks more like a 1 person tunnel
tent) - sleeps 1 -  not freestanding - 2# 10 oz. - floor size 2'10" x 8'
- center height 2'4" - cost $99.99

Does anyone know about any of these tents? I have a huge 10# Eureka Dome
tent that's pretty sturdy, but I don't know anything about their smaller
backpacking tents. I'm kind of leaning towards a tent that is
freestanding (I kind of like the Rising Sun), but that option isn't
absolutely necessary. 

Diana ^(raven)^ * raven@gwis2.circ.gwu.edu
The Appalachian Trail 1998 * Georgia -> Maine
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