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[at-l] Re: Trail Jargon (Was Yellow Blazing)

> An appendix of trail lingo? to Yogi? col-gap-pass? summit-peak-knob? define
> 'steep', 'not far', 'a "little" rain', 'clean water'........maybe in vol

:-) Perhaps it should be pointed out what the terms 'just up the road' and
'about a mile' means to someone in a car vrs a hiker.

Last summer when I was trying to hitch into the Blueberry Patch I had a
car pull over and ask where I was going. I told them the Blueberry Patch
and they replied ... "Oh ... well the just up the road" and they drove
off. Now in this case 'just up the road' meant 1 1/2 miles! I did
eventually get a ride.

I remember a number of time asking directions and being told 'about a mile'
when where I wanted to go was really 2, 3, or 5 miles down the road.

Future thru hikers be warned ... most people in cars have no concept of

- Snail-No-More '96

Kevin A. Hoffman  
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