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[at-l] Re: Weighing gear

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<< Must I *buy* a 20# scale for personal use?  I can't believe that this is
 what everyone does.  So what _do_ y'all do?  >>

I recently bought a Salter Royale kitchen scale for $15.99, which goes up to
7 #.  Nearly everything I have is less than 7#, so I have weighed (and
totaled up) everything individually.   (It can be challenging to balance an
external frame pack a scale this size, but I did it).   Before I leave I will
know the approximate total weight, and I'll stand on the bathroom scale with
the pack on to confirm it.  By that time I won't be interested in oz. anyway,
so absolute accuracy isn't necessary.  

Marty (Gypsy)
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