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Re: [at-l] Re: Mac & Cheese

James P. Lynch wrote:
> eave your pots outside, dirty. The raccoons
> >and the skunks will lick them clean! Then, just swish a little water in
> >them and voila, pack away. Not recommended in bear country.
> >
> >Peter H. Fornof
> "Swish a little water" !!!  Not that I'm an overly fastidious type, you
> understand, but are some sort of germs involved?  Not to mention the 'rule'
> about not feeding wildlife?  Other comments?  (Although, I've got to admit,
> that Peter's approach *is* ingenious!).


Really, this was "tongue in cheek" or should I say "mac in cheek". I
only did this once and didn't really intend to. Got in very late and all
of us were bushed. Set up our tents, boiled water, and made our dinner
glop. We chowed it down, and by that time, none of us could keep our
eyes open. We looked at the pile of dirty pots and said in unison,
"manana". Well, it didn't take the creatures long to discover our
bonanza. Right after we dozed off, the cacauphony started. It lasted, it
seemed all night. We could occasionally see those beadylittle eyes with
our flashlights, it seems, staring at us with gratitude. 

Next morning, although scattered from h*** to breakfast, our cookware
was intact. And, I believe, they were as clean as I've ever seen them. 

Haven't done this since, but filed the method away for a campfire story
or a post in a forum such as this.

Peter H. Fornof

PS. If I've offended the politically correct by feeding the animals, I"m
sorry, it won't happen again.
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