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Re: [at-l] Water purification tablets

Hello Jeremy.  I read something about this in one of the
rec.backcountry "FAQs".  I believe it was in the one on water
purification or food.  There are adverse  effects to over dosing on
iodine.  If I remember correctly, it starts with a metal taste in
mouth and then you liver will slowly fail.  You are probably best if
you don't use them longer than a week or ten days.  Besides, it just
isn't natural if you got used to the  taste!  Even if you use the PA
Plus along with it.  Be sure to check out the FAQs for details.  I am
pretty sure you can find them on the backpacker home page or the
backcountry home page.   I don't have the URL handy, check Yahoo under


>Hello all. I'm new to the list and have been lurking for the last few =
>trying to get a feel for it. My name is Jeremy Reiter and i will be =
>a GA=3D>ME thru-hike in the beginning of April. I have a question on the=
>effects of water purification tablets. I will be bringing a water =
filter, but i
>would like to use purification tablets as well. The reason for this is =
>lessen the wear/tear and cleaning of the filter. I have heard that it is=
>good to use tablets for an extended period of time. Does anyone know if =
>statement holds true? I usually use the Potable Aqua brand of tablets. I=
>the tablets are mainly iodine-based. Any info on this would be =

Courtney Smith

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