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[at-l] Re: Mac & Cheese

Pete Fornof wrote:
> R. L. (Dick) Wix wrote:
> >
> >   The neatest multiuse method I saw on the trail was by "Model-T"... He'd
> > cook-up what ever, then when all done eating (bkfst, lnch or din); add a
> > little water to the pot, dig out his tooth brush, swamp out the pot, rinse,
> > then brush his teeth... Worked for him.!!!
> >   I've got an MSR pot, the handle clamps down the lid,,, a little sand and
> > HOH, scrub lightly with hand, clamp down lid, shake vigorously, rinse, air
> > dry (most of time), pack away.!
> >
> >
> > At 07:46 AM 1/26/97 -0500, you wrote:
> > >All:
> > >
> > >My technique for pot cleaning is to put a tbs or two of herbed canola oil in
> > >everything I cook.  This prevents sticking but I cook with a teflon coated
> > >pan (very expensive).  This means I have to use a wooden spatula to stir my
> > >food but I have shaped the spatula to the curves in the pan so I scrape
> > >nearly everthing out before the pan needs cleaning.  Cleaning is to boil a
> > >couple oz. of water and wipe dry with a half sheet of paper towel.  Boiling
> > >gets the rice and beans flavor out for morning coffee if that's what follows.
> I have a neat way to clean sticky pots, although I've only used it once
> and that was by accident. Leave your pots outside, dirty. The raccoons
> and the skunks will lick them clean! Then, just swish a little water in
> them and voila, pack away. Not recommended in bear country.
> Peter H. Fornof
> athiker@plantnet.com
> broknspoke@aol.com
Yep, that works but the mice do have a tendancy to leave calling cards

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