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[at-l] Re: Mac & Cheese

R. L. (Dick) Wix wrote:
>   The neatest multiuse method I saw on the trail was by "Model-T"... He'd
> cook-up what ever, then when all done eating (bkfst, lnch or din); add a
> little water to the pot, dig out his tooth brush, swamp out the pot, rinse,
> then brush his teeth... Worked for him.!!!
>   I've got an MSR pot, the handle clamps down the lid,,, a little sand and
> HOH, scrub lightly with hand, clamp down lid, shake vigorously, rinse, air
> dry (most of time), pack away.!
> At 07:46 AM 1/26/97 -0500, you wrote:
> >All:
> >
> >My technique for pot cleaning is to put a tbs or two of herbed canola oil in
> >everything I cook.  This prevents sticking but I cook with a teflon coated
> >pan (very expensive).  This means I have to use a wooden spatula to stir my
> >food but I have shaped the spatula to the curves in the pan so I scrape
> >nearly everthing out before the pan needs cleaning.  Cleaning is to boil a
> >couple oz. of water and wipe dry with a half sheet of paper towel.  Boiling
> >gets the rice and beans flavor out for morning coffee if that's what follows.

I have a neat way to clean sticky pots, although I've only used it once
and that was by accident. Leave your pots outside, dirty. The raccoons
and the skunks will lick them clean! Then, just swish a little water in
them and voila, pack away. Not recommended in bear country.

Peter H. Fornof
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