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[at-l] HF today!

Howdy all,
	I finally got around to doing the mail thing after getting back 
from Harper's Ferry.  It was great, we sat in the ATC office and spent 3 
solid hours talking about everything ATish.  

Lets see if I can remeber names...
Jim and Ginny Owne
Rachle (Solophile) and Micah
Kathy (of AT homepage fame)
Tom (and friend)
Firefly and Mountians&Sky (aka mom)
My Dad (homebase support)
and a couple more that I can't remember (sorry)

It was great... thanks to all for showing up to support the habit.

I know there is a couple of things I am going to do now, like leaving 
the Term-a-rest and taking a Ridge Rest.  (came free with the sleeping bag)
Going to watch the winter gear closely.  Looking for hiking clothes on 
sale before I decide to splurge on something.  Need to seriously think 
about a second pair of boots.  (have to look into this two day turn 
around time for ATs cobbler that I got info on)
Found out that I am pretty prepaired for the entire thing.  Am in desent 
shape for hiking.  (I am even the heaviest I have ever been, even without 
my boots on, at over 150)  My plans will go to hell the second I hit the 

Most importantly, hike your own hike.

As for quotes and wilderness stuff, as soon as I can find it... I have a 
bit of poerty I wrote durning a summer out west.  It took me all summer 
to make sure it would work but it was my only attempt at something 
meaningful in a poem format.  


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