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[at-l] Weighing gear

> > For those who want to know the "real" weight of some of your
> > equipment, I''ll drag a couple scales (2# and 20#) along.  If you
> > want to weigh your whole pack I think the ATC has a scale.
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Standard warning: please forgive cross-postings.
Standard warning #2: please forgive if this has been discussed before I
got on these lists.

Where do people find a scale to weigh gear items?  I just have a postal
scale (probably not perfectly accurate) and a bathroom scale (accuracy
questionable).  So, how do I tell the weight of my tent, backpack, water
purifier, etc. to the pound and ounce.  I'm sure the scales at the U.S.
Post Office would do it, but I can't imagine they would let me do such a
thing since I don't intend to then mail the items  :-)

Must I *buy* a 20# scale for personal use?  I can't believe that this is
what everyone does.  So what _do_ y'all do? 

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