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[at-l] Harpers Ferry directions

Kristin  (Viper7997@aol.com) asked about directions:

You will go through Harpers Ferry on US-340, basically running East-West.

At the traffic light for the turn into the National Park Service Visitor
Center up on the hill (the Visitors Center is south of US-340), turn
North and go about 750-800 feet gradually bearing right and intersecting
Washington Street.  Turn right onto Washington Street.  Proceed  7,950
feet (1.505 miles) northeast on Washington Street, following two gradual
bends, now heading approx east-southeast. You should be at the
intersection of Jackson Street (a cross street).

ATC HQ should be within near sight of this street intersection.

My crystal ball couldn't tell me if the sign said 2 hr parking or No
Parking at their front door.

Have a safe trip.

Peter Lascell
Forest, VA
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