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[at-l] One Sport Morraine's vs. Merrell Ridgelines.

Howdy y'all.  First things first, I'd like to apologize to whoever out there
is on both the AT mailing list and the backpacker mailing list for getting
this message twice.  Anyway, tis the season to spend in my neck of the woods,
and so I'm looking for a little advice.  Right now, the hiking boots I use
are the One Sport Morraine's.  They're a great pair that have come all over
with me, especially in my most recent gally-vants up north (the NH and ME
sections of the AT).  I like 'em a lot, but a buddy of mine also suggested
the Merrell Ridgelines.  I've tried both on, and both seem pretty groovy, but
I was trying them on in the store, walking around for a bit, without a pack
on my back.  Anybody else have any experience with either boot and would like
to throw their thoughts in???  I'm looking for suggestions, yay or nay.
 Thanks!!!  On a side note, I have two knives (the subject came up on one of
these lists..):  a Swiss Army Knife Explorer and a SOG Tool (plier tool
thingy...the one you don't have to hold to have it hold the pliers in
position).  Both have their ups and downs, but as a general hiking
preference, I use my Explorer.  The SOG is more for my bike....just my two
shillings..uh, I mean, cents.  ---Kristin  =)  (Viper7997@aol.com
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