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[at-l] Water purification tablets


Hello all. I'm new to the list and have been lurking for the last few weeks
trying to get a feel for it. My name is Jeremy Reiter and i will be attempting
a GA=>ME thru-hike in the beginning of April. I have a question on the health
effects of water purification tablets. I will be bringing a water filter, but i
would like to use purification tablets as well. The reason for this is to
lessen the wear/tear and cleaning of the filter. I have heard that it is not
good to use tablets for an extended period of time. Does anyone know if this
statement holds true? I usually use the Potable Aqua brand of tablets. I think
the tablets are mainly iodine-based. Any info on this would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance for any help!


"....and I realized I had indeed learned from Japhy how to cast off the evils
of the world and the city and find my true pure soul, just as long as I had a
decent pack on my back."
 -from Jack Kerouac's Dharm Bums-
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