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[at-l] Re:first thru hiker (97) S to N

>  In other's trail journals, I have noticed that a few of them
>have commented on the north bound climb up Kelly Knob.  The word Knob
>seems to inspire images of something small, like a hill but it is a
>mountain in every regard. =20

Amen to that!  Boy, was I surprised when I started up this "knob" and
it just kept going and going and going.  It definitely reminded me of
an infinite set of stairs.
>I have never hiked to Bly Gap from the GA side.=20

That's an interesting little section when you hike from Georgia north,
in that you can't wait to get to GA/NC line, and yet there are all
these irritating "hills" in the way just before you get there.  Then,
after leaving Bly, there's that "interesting" climb up to Courthouse
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