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Re: [at-l] Re:first thru hiker (97) S to N

On Thu, 23 Jan 1997 23:13:50 -0500, you wrote:

>was at dick's creek gap today doing some day hiking and met the first =
>hiker of the season. He had been on the trail (S to N) for about 2 =
>Good luck to the "Zen Master" look for him headed north.

It took him 2 weeks to get from Springer to Dick's Creek Gap?  He must
have really been taking his time.  That is a little of 5 miles per
day.   I like that section of the trail though.  It is the only part
of the AT in Georgia that I have only don't once.  We have hiked it
back and forth several times and it is by far the roughest part of the
trail.  In other's trail journals, I have noticed that a few of them
have commented on the north bound climb up Kelly Knob.  The word Knob
seems to inspire images of something small, like a hill but it is a
mountain in every regard.  We were up there last January when there
was a little snow on the ground.  It was not just cold, but it was
BUTT-COLD.  I was a real moron and I didn't take off my sweaty cloths
which  were close to my skin.  Instead, I figured I would be find by
putting on more layers.   Now I know better.  That was the closest I
have ever come to hypothermia.  My friends said I was getting really
irrational and my could speak right and I got quiet.  They know I talk
a lot so they knew something was wrong.  It was a really scarry
feeling though, not being able to get warm.

I have never hiked to Bly Gap from the GA side.  We were planning on
doing a trip on a weekend from Dicks Creek northward.  What is the
closest road crossing on the NC  side?  I have misplaced my maps of
the  area(which were out of date anyway).


Courtney Smith

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