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[at-l] P-38's

	In responce to can openers (P38). There are worth there weight X10 and
then some. I have used even the smaller one as a knife when I didn't have a
knife around. It works great as a screw driver, small pry bar, letter opener,
and I think it has been taught to be used for self-defense. That little edge
can make a nasty gash if you really nead to.
	If you have trouble at first using one, try the larger size until you
get the hang of the back and forth motion needed to open cans, but it doesn't
sit well in my pocket so I really perfer the smaller one. I've had it for over
20 years. It never wears out, just keeps getting sharper and better with age.
	A good friend runs an Army Surplus store here in Raleigh, Bob's Army
Surplus, I grew up with him and he always has a jug full of those suckers. But
there are some cheaper imitations to watch out for.

(BTW -- I __worked __ at a prison...didn't reside in one! ... Sure you did!!!)
Just kidding!!!

( it's getting deep here, need a trip to the woods)
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