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[at-l] Harper's Ferry!

Just a 24 hour alert!

	In about 24 hours a bunch of us will be meeting in lovely and 
historic Harper's Ferry.  The 1997 thru-hikers Association meeting will 
be at the AT HQ and start at about noonish.  The offical meeting will 
last for about 3 hours at the HQ and after that there is talk of pizza!  
(all of which will be decieded afterwards)

Reminder number 1:  Don't forget to bring anything to be discussed ie 
your pack, scheudal, fears that your dog ate your homework etc.

Reminder number 2:  Bring anyone along that wants to learn more and 
discuss problems, concerns, or advice about the Trail.  (sorry, no real 
life discussions allowed unless they directly relate to the Trail)

Reminder number 3:  There is no 3.

The idea of an offical Thru-hikers Association is a total scham made by 
me and me only.



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