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[at-l] Titanium Pot & Bakepacker Oven

Sandy Smith wrote:

>Did you happen to check out the 1.9 liter titanium ? We have the 1.3 and 
>the 1.9 and discovered we liked the 1.9 better for the Bakepacker.

No.  I didn't see anything other than the 1.3 liter pot for sale.  The 1.9
liter pot seemed to be sold as part of a cooking kit (with another Ti pot)
and I didn't want to pay that much.

>If you want to make some killer biscuits try an OutBack Oven.

I have an Outback Oven and I don't like it.  Its too difficult to control
the temperature.  Besides, the Bakepacker is lighter.  I can live without
the outside of my biscuit being brown.

The only thing I don't like about the Bakepacker is cleaning up the plastic
bag I used to bake my biscuits in.  Can you reuse those bags?  They're kind
of expensive.

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