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RE: [at-l] Now what?

On 23-Jan-97 kahlena wrote:
>Hi all...
>This was the first ever recorded unanymous answer to any gear question.
>Boy do I feel dumb.  I had seen the GI style openers but thought they 
>looked to flimsy to work.  Now I have a couple of P-38's on order.
>But now I have to re-evaluate the knife.  It's awful heavy...two blades
>and the opener.  I really carried it because of the opener.  So what's 
>the unanymous verdict on a good knife to carry? SAR or multi-tool. 
>And please remember how...frugal I am.         Kahley

Hi Kahley,

I carry a swiss army knife with two blades, a can opener, bottle opener,
scissors, and cork screw.  I just weighed it and it's exactly 2 ounces.
Actually this is the pocket knife I always carry with me.  It's small
and does everything I want.  (You never know when you *really* need
to open that bottle of wine! :)  When hiking, I use the blade and
scissors all the time.  Very handy.  There are many models of these
knives with more/less options.  If I were to buy one just for hiking,
I'd get the smallest one I could find with a blade and scissors.


p.s.  What's a p-38?  I'm familiar with the Lockheed aircraft, but I doubt
that's what y'all are referring to...

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