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Re: [at-l] newbie

On Thu, 23 Jan 1997 21:58:34 EST kneewalker@juno.com (Michael W Mason)
           The books all seem to say that three or more pair of 
>shoes will be needed, but nobody deals with breaking them in.  I guess 
>if I start now, I might have three pair of shoes broken in before we 
>leave.  Or do I wait and risk blisters from tight shoes?
>Has anybody dealt with this?
>Michael & Karen

Obviously you can't break in three pairs of boots beforehand, but when I
broke in my new boots I carried a pair of sneakers to use during the day
so I wouldn't be wearing my boots for say, twenty miles at the start.  
If your feet get sore, just change to the sneakers and when the boots are
broken in you send the sneakers home or on ahead.    

Gail/Gutsy Ga-Me 96
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