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[at-l] Katahdin

  Can't comment about the AT south of New England, can talk about Katahdin
though. The Hunt Trail out of Katahdin Stream Campground is the northern end
of the AT, which starts out as a nice walk up a forested trail over a
beautiful wooden bridge over falls. It goes up steeply after this through the
Gateway and treeline onto the Tableland. After a trailjunction down to Abol
Campground, Baxter Peak is about one mile. Here's my .02 on why you should do
a an up and down out of KSC. 1. You can climb with just a daypack( thru
hikers can comment here on carrying a full load through the Gateway).2. By
staying at KSC you can wait out the weather. You don't want to be on top in
the thunderstorm/fog/snow/sleet(which can all happen in the same Sept.
weekend!) 3. Abol is a steep rockslide, down or up it s**ks. 4. You can save
the Knife Edge (200ft drops, only feet wide at places) for another day. 5. On
your way back down the Hunt trail you've started your southbound hike! ;-) On
the AT Home Page is a click on for Baxter's Home Page with trail notes, rules
and regs, reservation instructions ect. Good luck and Happy Trails!>
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