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[at-l] Real Tent Weights

Hello All,

	A Real Tent Weights survey was done on the AT-L in the fall of
1996.  The weights came from people who actually weighed their tents not
company numbers.  The weights include tent with poles, pegs, ropes, stuff
bags and without a ground cloth.  Thanks to all who took the time weighing
their tents and submitted entries.  Feel free to sent me your tent info. 
Try to use a postal scale.  Thanks......

  Company		  Model		 Weight
Stephensons 		Warmlite 2RS	2lbs 15oz
			Warmlite 3RS 	4lbs 2oz
Quest			Preying Mantis 	5lbs 4oz
			Starlight	5lbs ?oz
Eureka			Timberline	8lbs 2oz
Sierra Designs		Clip Fashlight	4lbs
			Clip Fashlight	4lbs 12oz  Model II, 3 person
			Flashmagic	3lbs 3oz
			Metorlight	5lbs 3oz
			Stretch Dome	7lbs 6oz
REI			Mountain Hut	7lbs 8oz
			Nitelight	4lbs
Walrus			Swift		3lbs 8oz?? rec'd many different ##
			Archrival Net	4lbs 9oz?? rec'd many different ##
			Archrival Solid 4lbs 8oz?? rec'd many different ##
Kelty			Windfoil	5lbs 
Northface		Tadpole		4lbs 5oz
			Lunarlight	5lbs 3oz
Wild Country		North Star 	7lbs 6oz
Marmot 			Nutshell	6lbs 4oz
Moss			Netting Outland 4lbs 12oz
			Outland		5lbs 10oz
			Startrak 	7lbs 12oz

**Bivy Bags**

Early Winters		Sleep Inn?	1lb 2oz
OR			GTX Advanced	2lbs
North Face		? (non GTX)	1lb 2oz

**Support Hiking Clubs**

Beau Bushor N1MJD
  "bleeder guy"
Burlington, Vermont

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