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[at-l] Morton's neuroma & sports medicine references

Hi all,

I'm planning a thu-hike for 1999 and I'm looking for some medical leads.  I
have a Morton's neuroma in my right foot.  Generally, as long as I'm
careful about what kind of shoes I wear, it leaves me alone.  I'm
concerned, though, that I'd be hiking with a time bomb -- a sort of
guaranteed exit off the trail after a few hundred miles.

One option is surgery to remove the neuroma.  Since it takes up to a year
to fully recover from the surgery, I want to make the choice fairly soon.
Foot surgery is not an option on the trail!

I'm wondering whether anyone has tried an AT thru-hike with a Morton's
neuroma, and whether or not the pounding your feet took aggravated the

I'm also asking, at my doctor's suggestion, for references to really good,
backpacking aware, sports medicine doctors.  Chances are your doctor isn't
close enough for me to visit, but he or she might be able to recommend
someone who is.

I live in Rochester, New York - up near lake Ontario.


-- Jim Mayer
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