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Re: [at-l] can opener?

In a message dated 97-01-22 14:45:29 EST, douglasg@nlnet.nf.ca (Douglas K
Gibbons) writes:

<< kahlena wrote:
 > Sorry multi listers...BYW...is multi-listing getting on anyones nerves? >>

In the beginning........it was bothersome to get the same mail twice.....once
I could easily identify duplicates, no problem, I just moved on.
 Unfortuneatly,  the AT-L list has many letters that have nothing to do with
the Appalachian Trail and has, in my opinion, become a public chat, with way
too many "threads" not related to the AT. 

Just my opinion, The Slyman 

PS   for this reason I have "unsubscribe" d to the AT-L list,
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