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Re: [at-l] Titanium Pot & Bakepacker Oven

> From: afn04345@afn.org
> Subject: [at-l] Titanium Pot & Bakepacker Oven
> I bought a 1.3 liter Titanium pot at the REI store in Atlanta this weekend.
> I brought along my scale and my Bakepacker Ultra-light oven.  The Bakepacker
> fits in the 1.3 liter pot with some headroom to spare for rising biscuits
> and such, although additional headroom would have been preferred.  The
> Bakepacker's "fit" along the sides of the pot was very tight, just like it
> is in the 2 quart Open Country aluminum kettle.  Also, the Titanium pot
> weighs approx. 5 oz, compared to the 8-9 oz for the 2 quart aluminum kettle.
Did you happen to check out the 1.9 liter titanium ? We have the 1.3 and 
the 1.9 and discovered we liked the 1.9 better for the Bakepacker. It
gives you more headroom and more on the sides. If you want to make some
killer biscuits try an OutBack Oven. Works great and with practice browns
pretty well.
We have been trying alot of different food for the trail and discovered
Betty Crocker potatoes (you know the ones that have different flavors like
three cheese or bacon and cheddar ) work great in an Outback oven or Bakepacker
, or you can prepare them stove top. Cleanup can be alittle tricky unless
you are like us in that Alison gets the plate and I eat out of the pot,
and trust me I can clean up a pan when hungry. Speaking of plates I have
to tell you about my brand new high tech plate. We were having dinner at
Bakers Square ( one of those places that specialize in pies and cakes in
addition to decent food) last night and I happened to notice their pie pans.
After looking at one I discovered it was very light, yet strong and it could
be used as a plate or a bowl. They had two kinds one thicker and stronger 
than the other. The manager said it depended on the pie as to which one they 
used. I discovered the French Silk pie just happened to use the pan I 
wanted. So let me say, the French Silk pie was great and we now have a new plate.
I would have to say this has been the most filling gear purchase I have
ever made, but hey , somebody had to eat that pie.
pie pan/plate weight 1.5 ozs

erehwon and erehwyna

ME to GA '97 (REXX says leaving in 3 months 26 days)

PS. to all the people who wrote about our names, yes 
    since you figured them out, you must be contrary.
    Next thing you know you'll be wanting to do a
    southbound thru-hike. .:-) 

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