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Re: [at-l] Hiking fog-blind

>Hike blind.  Use the force, Luke.  Seriously, I've used a tiny bit of
>liquid soap, and rub my glasses with bandana until the lenses are clear
>enough to see and there is no visible soap left on them.  This works =
>you sweat, and I sweat.  Once the water and the soap mix, the lenses get
>blurry and colorful, tiggering a flashback from some bad paper I ate in =
>early 80's . . . . another unforseen trail hazard ;-)  So now, when
>conditions are ripe for my glasses to fog, I hike blind, and use my =
>hiking skills to get me down the trail in one.  If you don't sweat much,
>then try the soap trick.  I'll never know for sure if I saw a bear cub
>outside of Wesser, because I was hiking blind.  Oh well, them's the =
>when you're nearsighted.

Hey Kurt,

I sweat like crazy myself.  Sometimes, when I get real good and hot,
like in the summer, I can fog myself up pretty bad.   I used to use
catcrap and that works for a while until you get sweat on your
glasses.  For those of you who have that problem, it works ok until it
is good an washed off.  Well, at least that is way it has worked for

Now when it rains, forget it.  We usually keep moving in the rain.  I
just take the darn things off since I am only really blind in one
eye(near sighted).  I would rather see with a little bit of haze of my
non corrected vision than to bust my ass and fall in a gorge.


Courtney Smith

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