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Re: [at-l] Tent Questions

>Also, does anyone have a Eureka Zephyr (1-person freestanding)?   I'm =
>crazy about Eureka's tents, but the freestanding feature is=20
>appealing--though a netting-topped version would be even more appealing.=
>They rate this at 3# 11 oz , but I don't know if that includes =
>(Same questions as above).

Isn't that the Eureka that has the small rain fly?  If I remember
correctly, I almost bought one of those.  I believe it was about $130
or there abouts.  Well anyway, I noticed that the rain fly does not
come all the way around the tent say like a Sierra Designs.  That just
wouldn't cut it in a good Georgia summer time rain storm with blowing
rain.  So, I ended up not getting it.  I usually discuss such things
with my friends before I buy them.  If it wasn't for good ole Robert
bringing the fly to my attention, I would be out $130 and have a
variable tent.    Does anyone know if Sierra Designs makes a one man
tent?  I really like their rain flys.  Now I would pay a good price
for one of those.


Courtney Smith

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