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Re: [at-l] Re: can opener?

On 22 Jan 1997 dan@watson.ibm.com wrote:

> >I can never get that thing to work. What's the secret?
> >
> >Milt
> No secret - it just works.
> I will try to say it in words but it is hard.
> 1) fold out at hinge
> 2) put point just inside lip of can
> 3) rock the tool so that the point penetrates the can

#3 is the part that I didn't know. I always thought I had to pound it with
something to penetrate the can. Someone stuck a couple of these in my xmas
stocking so I will try it again and see how I do.

> 4) continue rocking and the tool will advance around the can
> Not being a lefty I can image it being harder for a lefty unless
> they come in lefthanded models. Never seen one.

How'd you know I was a lefty? But, for things like scissors,
screwdrivers, etc. I'm a righty.


 ** Nothing will come of nothing. Dare mighty things. -Wm Shakespear **

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